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Ryan Ware

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StackZone can subscribe an email address of your choice to AWS' Price List Updates. This may be particularly useful if you want to know when AWS has price cuts or when new instance types are launched.

AWS Billing API

It is possible to leverage the AWS Billing API in order to receive notifications when AWS prices change, such as when AWS reduces or raises prices, or when new instance types are introduced to a service or the launch of a brand new AWS service entirely. It's possible to sign up so that you can be notified every time a price changes, once a day. This notification includes all price changes within the AWS eco-system which have been applied during that day.

Whilst it is possible to build this manually, using Amazon SNS and following this guide supplied by AWS linked here, Here at StackZone we have automated these steps into one simple click of a button - which will enable you to enter an email address you wish to subscribe to these AWS Price Changes - StackZone will build the rest!

Take a look below to see how we enable this within your StackZone deployment!

AWS Price Updates

As you can see in this example below, we have logged into the StackZone Console and navigated to Provisioning / Baseline Services / AWS Billing.

Here, we have a number of sub-features for AWS Billing. The one we want to focus on is called AWS Price Updates

To enable this feature, simply toggle the radio button into the green "on" status and add one or more notification email addresses in the text box provided. Remember to save your settings and deploy this to your StackZone deployment for the changes to take affect and be constructed.

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