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Centralized Logging within your log-archive account

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With StackZone, you will see an account has been setup within your AWS Organizations which is called "log-archive". The purpose of this is to centralize all of your logs form all AWS accounts you have connected within the same OU.

StackZone will create for you a centralized logging S3 Bucket called stackzone-logs-$account-$region, being $region the Primary Region you declared when you first deployed StackZone

By default the retention period is 180 days and after that, it relocates the data to Glacier Flexible Retrieval where it is stored for 7 years. 

If you need to modify one of these values, login into StackZone Console and go from within the main menu to Provisioning > Core Accounts > Log Archive and locate the following card:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send additional logs to this central bucket from my other accounts?

You can do this by directing your S3 Bucket Logging Information to the bucket mentioned above. This is performed at the Bucket Creation stage within the "Logging Configuration" option.

If you prefer to do it via CLI, first, grant S3 permission with put-bucket-acl:

Then, apply the logging policy:

* First, save the following content to logging.json

Will my data be safe and encrypted if collected in this central bucket?

Yes - by default the StackZone central bucket is encrypted and has versioning enabled.

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