AWS Config Rule: AutoScaling Group Multiple AZ


Ryan Ware

Last Update 4 days ago

Description: Checks if the Auto Scaling group spans multiple Availability Zones. The rule is NON_COMPLIANT if the Auto Scaling group does not span multiple Availability Zones.

Trigger type: Configuration changes

AWS Region: All supported AWS regions except AWS GovCloud (US-East), AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region

How to Resolve Manually

Within your Auto Scaling group configuration, you will define which VPC and Subnets the group will use. You can scale out across just one Subnet (and therefore one availability zone) within a VPC in the Network configuration, but this is not best practice. We should be configuring this group to use at least 2 Subnets which are in 2 different availability zones.

To modify your Network Configuration, head on over to the EC2 Dashboard within the AWS Console and find Auto Scaling / Auto Scaling Groups.

From here, select your Auto Scaling group from the list available and edit the Network configuration.

Similar to the image below as an example, you will need to configure your Network Availability Zones and Subnets to use at least 2 Subnets that are built within 2 Availability Zones.

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