How to create an AWS Organization?

Let’s find out how to create an AWS Organization in the AWS Console

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Using AWS Organizations helps you centrally manage and govern your environment as you grow and scale your AWS resources.

AWS Organizations is integrated with other AWS services so you can define central configurations, security mechanisms, audit requirements, and resource sharing across accounts. An AWS Organization is something you do only once, so doing it manually is not a big deal.

Cost: There is no cost associated in creating an AWS Organization.

Create your AWS Organization using the AWS Console

In order to create your AWS Organization, you need to make sure the account you want to create it. This account will become the primary billing account. If you’re unsure about this, please check this AWS Article.

Once logged in, go to AWS Organizations by typing Organizations in the top search bar:

If you don’t have an Organization, it will show this screen. Just click Create organization

Once you have created your AWS Organization, you can get the Organization Id from the left menu. If you’re thinking in adopting StackZone, this is a mandatory step you need to do before joining.

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