Why do my boto3 / python AWS Glue Jobs Time Out?

Luna Ricci

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A Connection timeout occurs when running an AWS Glue Job

ConnectionTimeoutError: Connect timeout on endpoint URL: https://glue.region.amazonaws.com
This error may occur when a python ETL job written using the boto 3 libraries tries to create a Glue session object e.g.
session = boto3.Session(region_name='eu-west-2')
glue = session.client('glue')


Examine the AWS Glue Job Log and Error Log in Cloudwatch logs to determine whether there is any other alternative reason why the ETL job may have failed.

1. Check the IAM role that is configured on the job has the appropriate permissions to access AWS Glue services

2. Check the subnet ID of the ETL job corresponds to a public subnet. Communication with the Glue APIs often happens over the public internet (especially if using a Glue Development Endpoint) - check that the ETL is running in a public subnet if it needs access to public services or APIs. If it cannot be in a public subnet, use a NAT gateway or NAT instance instead. If your endpoint definitely needs to remain in a private subnet, you must ensure that all services it must call are accessible within the private subnet of the VPC.

This solution is for Python Boto 3 ETL scripts run inside AWS Glue

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