How To Enable Cost Anomaly Detections

Part of the AWS Billing features within StackZone

Ryan Ware

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StackZone's AWS Cost Anomaly Detections is an AWS Cost Explorer resource which will continually inspect your AWS account's cost data for anomalies, based on spend segments you want to be evaluated.

When this is enabled in StackZone, we will create an Anomaly Detector along with an SNS Topic & Anomaly Subscription, which will result in you being notified via email if the AWS Cost Anomaly detects a particular unusual pattern of cost.

The Alerting Threshold takes a value in Dollars, which is currently set to $100, and tracks all AWS Services applicable to be monitored by the Cost Anomaly Detection feature.

Note: This feature is only enabled in the US-East-1 (Virginia) region. If you do not have this region enabled as part of StackZone enabled regions, this feature will not build if enabled through the console.

Notifications of Anomalies

Much like a lot of other features of StackZone which inform you of alerts, we will also define a name for your SNS Topic to handle these notifications, and declare the email address you wish to received these alerts to when they are generated.

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